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House Viewing

Home Buying Process

New Home Owners

Step 1: Prequalify

Sellers and real estate agents want to know that you are qualified to prior to shopping for a home. 


Getting preapproved ahead of time is crucial and recommended before looking at homes.

Step 2: Find Home

An experienced real estate agent can help guide you in finding a home that fits your needs and will negotiate on your behalf.

Step 3: Lock Rate

Providing the purchase contract allows your mortgage lender to finalize the terms of your mortgage.

Step 4: Loan Processing

Our team will combine your documentation/information as well as the information from third parties and submit it to underwriting.

STEP 5: Underwriting

The underwriter will review submitted information in two steps.

  1. Initial Credit Decision, to issue a loan commitment.

  2. Final Underwriting, to clear all conditions from all parties involved in the transaction.

STEP 6: Closing

A closer will work directly with the title/attorney as outlined in your contract to make sure all final figures balance before you sign for your new home!

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