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Business Meeting



Step 1


Refinancing a home can be a powerful way to build wealth and financial stability. 

Common Refinance goals include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Reduce Rate/Payment

  2. Shorten Term

  3. Debt Consolidation

  4. Cash-Out for home improvements or other investments

  5. Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Step 2
Lock Rate

After we determined the best loan option to achieve your financial goals, we would secure your loan terms.

If you like the final terms, it is important not to delay in moving forward.  Mortgage options change daily and depending on how much your loan amount is, the daily changes can sometimes have a significant impact.

Step 3


Our team will combine all of your information as well as the information from all third parties and submit it to underwriting

Step 4 


The underwriter will review submitted information in two steps.

  1. Initial Underwrite, to confirm income and credit meet investor guidelines.

  2. Final Underwrite, to clear any final conditions.


Our closer will work directly with the title company to make sure all final figures balance before you sign for your new mortgage.


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