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Hey everyone, Mark Taylor here. If you're watching this, you likely financed your property with me in the past two years. I'm reaching out with an important message as we enter the new year, especially with mortgage rates decreasing.

I want to caution you about numerous offers you might be receiving from various lenders. These offers often advertise attractive rates that aren't actually available in the market. What this means is that these rates come with high costs, often rolled into your mortgage, increasing your principal balance.

If I haven't contacted you about refinancing yet, it's because I'm strategizing the best approach for you. My goal is to offer a no-cost or no-risk refinance. This strategy, which I've successfully used for hundreds of clients, involves choosing a rate slightly above the market rate (but lower than what you have now) to receive lender credits. These credits cover all your closing costs, so you're not dipping into your home's equity or your wallet. It's about leveraging the market for your advantage.

I'm aware that many are making poor refinancing choices, adding thousands to their mortgage balance. We want to avoid that, ensuring you don't pay out of pocket or increase your mortgage unnecessarily. I've written a blog about this effective strategy about four years ago:  Refinance without Risk: A Guilt Free Refinance Strategy

If you've received this message, know that I'm closely monitoring the market for the right opportunity to refinance your home. If I haven't reached out yet, it likely means the timing isn't quite right for you to benefit from the improving market conditions. However, feel free to call me at 704-618-3142 if you have any specific questions.

Rest assured, I'll be in touch with a strategy that will work for you in the long run. Thanks for your trust, and have a wonderful day!

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